Youth Groups

Quest  6-8th Grade Youth Group

Welcome to Quest

The simple dictionary definition of quest is, “a search for something”.  Our mission here in middle school youth group, is to provide the youth with life-long tools that will aid them in their pursuit of God and help them recognize places where God is in pursuit of them. We believe that this search for God can be full of excitement, joy, hope, service, and adventure. In addition, embarking on this quest as a group, binds us together giving us each a place to belong and an important role to play. We believe that the lessons, service, fellowship and fun had in this context will serve to distinguish youth as leaders within the community.   

Our Calendar of meetings is varied, consisting of opportunities for service and mission, bible exploration, fellowship and most of all fun!  

We meet throughout the year one or two times monthly on different days to give opportunities for all to join based on the varying and seasonal schedules of the youth.  All are welcome!

Please see Christian Education for our 8th Grade Confirmation

E.D.G.E. High School Youth Group

E.D.G.E.; “Every Day God Encounters,” with that acronym ever before us, our high schoolers strive to find new ways to practice and feel the presence of God in our personal lives, serve the community as God’s hands and feet, and learn how to be receptive to God’s nudges throughout our days that point us in the direction of God’s unique purpose for each youth. Additionally, we believe that seeking God first in all things gives us an “edge” in the world that helps us to truly thrive from the inside out; that this active relationship with God will allow us to step into our full potential. We believe leaning into these “Every Day God Encounters” will serve to distinguish youth as servant leaders within the community, demonstrating a new way to live in and impact the world around you. 

This draw to this High School Group has been mission and discussion. All are welcome as we explore the idea; Our Hands God’s Work.