Security Update

In a joint effort between the WEPCO board and church leadership over the last year, there has been a diligent effort to secure our building and make everyone feel safe while on campus.

To that end, the new key card system will go live on October 16th. The three doors with key card access are the glass gathering space doors, the office hallway, and St. Matthews circle entrance. All other doors will be exit only. There are also sensors installed to notify staff when doors are propped for 30 seconds or longer.

For many of you, the difference may not be noticeable. Doors will be programmed to remain unlocked during regularly scheduled events, such as Sunday services, and we will still, of course, open our sanctuary doors on Sunday mornings.

A limited number of people will be issued key cards. As of now the list consists of:

Mark Montgomery
Jessica Jones
Chris Tate
Julie Fowler
Sonny Kern
Dave Hull
Nancy Gorkin
Rodney Loren
Alison Wood
Frank Mabley
Patty Connor

If you need to enter the church during off hours, reach out to one of them. We have been conservative with the number of people granted access to begin with and we understand changes may need to be made in the future. It will be a learning process. We ask that you bear with us during the transition.

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