“New” Glory to God Hymnals

In response to much feedback from many in our congregation about the hymns we sing in worship, our Worship and Music Team (formerly Worship Committee) did extensive research.  On Tuesday night, our Session approved the proposal from the team to purchase new hymnals. “Glory to God,” the 2013 edition of the Presbyterian Hymnal, “contains many new hymns relevant to modern life while keeping those time honored hymns from previous versions,” according to Chair Chris Jones.  A grant from our Endowment Committee will enable us to purchase 300 hymnals, but you may participate as well!  Members may “purchase” a hymnal for $20 and dedicate is in memory/honor of a loved one.  After expenses are covered, monies will be returned to Endowment.

Here’s how to donate: Write a check to WPC with hymnals in memo line plus a note with dedication info included; OR go online to our website to purchase. Click on the link and go to “Special Gifts” and please make sure to fill out the dedication name in the “optional” section.  The Worship Team will meet in late August and affix the plaques, so we may dedicate the new hymnals on September 23, 2018.


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