Midnight Run Women’s Collection

This Women’s History Month, in addition to collecting general items for the confirmands Midnight Run, we want to single out the things unhoused women need that often aren’t considered. In past Runs, we’ve heard from these women how difficult it is to find feminine items to maintain their dignity. Women of WPC, we’re calling on you to go through your closets and cabinets to help a sibling in need.

Through March 25th, we will accept new and gently used items, such as:

Large handbags
Feminine products
Women’s deodorant
Bras and underwear
Dress shoes for interviews
Pants and shorts

There will be a collection box in the Narthex through Sunday, March 19th and outside the church office through Friday, March 25th.

To view the Midnight Run signup, click HERE>>

Thank you for your support!

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