The Memorial Garden was indeed “Illuminated”  – by electricity, torches, candles and luminarias – also by the presence of  members and friends who came to enjoy the evening, who provided the beautiful food, who pitched in by passing platters and running from Garden to basement to kitchen and back throughout the evening.  The Steering Committee thanks everyone who helped to make the evening a financial success (we cleared over $7,000!), with special thanks to the friends and former members who are connected to the Garden by their loved ones and who sent generous gifts and good wishes.  Please take a moment to read  the letter below from Janet MacColl Nicholson on behalf of the MacColl family:

Dear Memorial Garden Community,

The caring hands and hearts that tend the pathways and plantings of the Memorial Garden at Wilton Presbyterian Church have created with nature a retreat of quiet beauty, where sorrow is held and comforted in the cycles of the seasons. It is a blessing to spend time there.

Jane loved the woods and wild flowers and birds at our home in Wilton (and wherever she lived and traveled).  She took time to appreciate the early spring treasures tucked under drying leaves, Dutchman’s breeches, Indian root, a rare hepatica. She kept field guides for flowers, birds, trees and rocks, and would recall the names while pointing out the intricacies of even the most common of nature’s wonders, a dried seed pod, fallen feather, particular stone, or tiny flower.

Stew, Barb, Ed, Macadara and I thank you for your artful care of the Memorial Garden.  We are grateful that Jane is there in name and spirit, enveloped in such love.  We wish we could join you June 1 for the gathering. Please find enclosed our families’ contributions.

With gratitude,

Stew, Barb, Ed, Macdara and Janet