Gospel of Mark Bible Study Series


Class Schedule for The Gospel of Mark

Reading, Discussing, Sharing and Challenging the Wisdom Within

Welcome to our Lenten Study on the Gospel of Mark.
Mark is the oldest gospel and our other three canonical gospels borrow from Mark.
When exploring the start of Christianity, it is a good foundation.

This study is organized from March 1 – April 1 for readings, one chapter every two days
(Mark has 16 chapters total) with our final discussion on April 2, Palm Sunday.

While you may want to read ahead, I encourage you not to read beyond the chapters we will discuss on a given Sunday. This will help us to keep focused on the stories thus far and give the appropriate time, energy, and review to all the information. See the reading schedule below to follow along.


March 1 – March 12

March 2, Chapter 1

March 4, Chapter 2

March 6, Chapter 3

March 8, Chapter 4

March 10, Chapter 5

March 12, Chapter 6

Sunday, March 12

March 12th’s Discussion will include
Chapters 1-6 as well as an overview the Gospel. We will look at the healings, disciples,
the first parable, and why do we go and tell sometimes and not at other times?

March 14 – March 18

March 14, Chapter 7

March 16, Chapter 8

March 18, Chapter 9

Sunday, March 19

March 19th’s discussion will include Chapters 7-9. We step back for a moment and look at the death of John the Baptist from Chapter 6 and consider how this news affected the proceeding stories. Also included is the cultural significance of the transfiguration and predictions of death
and disciples’ responses.

March 20 – March 26

March 20, Chapter 10

March 22, Chapter 11

March 24, Chapter 12

March 26, Chapter 13

Sunday, March 26

This is a big week with four Chapters up for discussion. Jesus returns to Jerusalem.
Why is this important? We also get moral stories and apocalyptic literature.  It can seem like it is all over the place, but what are the interconnections of the stories?

March 28-April 1

March 28, Chapter 14

March 30, Chapter 15

April 1, Chapter 16

Sunday, April 2

For our final time together, we will look at chapters 14-16 exploring the stories leading to the crucifixion, burial and resurrection. I hope April 2 will deepen your understanding of these sacred stories as we find our way into Holy Week and Easter Sunday.


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