Education for Ministry

Join Education for Ministry (EfM) to…

Deepen your Christian faith.

Learn how to articulate that faith.

Let that faith inspire you into action! 

Through study, prayer, and reflection, trained mentors facilitate small group discussions and guide participants to examine life through an increasingly informed and inspired theological lens. More than Bible study, EfM participants read and discuss the Old Testament (Year 1), the New Testament (Year 2), Church history (Year 3), and theology (Year 4). You do not have to commit to all four program years nor complete the program in four years. Learn more about EfM at

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Wilton offers EfM and is seeking new participants to start Year 1, joining others who will be starting Year 2 and 4. This seminar group meets virtually over Zoom from 7:00-9:15pm every Monday from September thru May. Current participants come from a variety of congregations in the western area of Connecticut.

Please contact Sharon Ely Pearson for more information at 203.984.1228 or [email protected].

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