This year-long class (October through May) helps 8th graders explore and claim their own personal faith and prepares them to make a decision about confirming the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism (or to be baptized as a part of their profession of faith).

8th Grade Confirmation

Confirmation, a personal reaffirmation of vows generally taken by our parents at Baptism is a milestone to be celebrated as we continue along in our journeys of faith.  Regardless of your prior faith foundation or lack thereof we are welcoming anyone interested in exploring a relationship with God.  You do not need to be Baptized prior to beginning Confirmation classes.

Candidates are encouraged to attend Sunday morning worship at WPC throughout the year, participate in 11 classes September through May and complete a service/mission project of their own design or partake in the class offered service trip.   As a group we will visit other houses of worship to share in God’s love and strengthen our interfaith relations.

Candidates will have a chance to spend time with and share in the faith journeys of other WPC members. The program encourages a special and unique individual relationship with God as well as coming together as a church family.

Spirit, Scripture, the Church, and the Presbyterian tradition.

At the conclusion of our time together candidates will write a brief personal Statement of Faith and participate in the Service of Confirmation and recognized as brothers and sisters in faith here at WPC.