Church School

We are dedicated to embracing our youth and providing space and guidance as they begin their journey while experiencing God’s love for them through the way of Jesus Christ. As a welcoming community, our children are nurtured through the life of Jesus and his teachings as a foundation for their faith. This foundation, rooted in Christianity, is a spiritual gift with which they can use as they go forward into the community and beyond to use their hands to do God’s work. Through our shared campus, our joint church school programming with St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church enriches and strengthens the understanding of interfaith relationships.

“SHINE: Living in God’s Light”

Shine is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum that engages Christian Communities and families in their life together by

calling children to experience the transforming power of God’s love

nurturing trust in God and invite children to follow Jesus

encourage the imaginative, interactive biblical storytelling

exploring the meaning of the Bible within our community

cultivating the inner life of the Spirit through spiritual practices

expressing faith through lives of compassionate peacemaking and service

Let’s teach our kids to SHINE in this world!

Church School 2022-2023 Registration

If you are interested in receiving packets with materials for our Church School time together – including supplemental family discussion prompts for alternative weeks – please email Julie Fowler.

4th/5th  Grade Bibles

Every two years all fourth and fifth grade students are invited into a special Church School experience to learn more about the Bible. Upon completion of this four-week class in celebration and recognition of their increasing maturity and readiness to read God’s Word on their own with understanding, they will receive their own Bible in a special service surrounded by their parish family.


Every Sunday of the year, children up to three years old are provided a safe, warm, and welcoming environment under the care of our  nursery director.

Mission Projects

There is a strong emphasis in our curriculum for encouraging our children to be givers and to serve others both within our church communities and in the larger world.
In the fall and in the spring, each class makes small individualized gifts of food or crafts which are then gathered together from all the classes into “Give A Smile” gift bags. These gift bags are then delivered by Church School families to 20 people within our two churches to let them know that we are thinking of them and giving them a smile.

Christmas Pageant

Every year, a Sunday or two before Christmas, children of all ages are invited to participate in the Annual Christmas Pageant.